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Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

Stand & Deliver
Present Your Ideas With Confidence, Clarity & Conviction

Great presenters do more than just deliver information—they move people to action. They educate, motivate, and persuade. In short, they make a connection with their audience so that they can better hear, absorb and act on their message. Great presenters command a room and create a response, and they do it with passion.

“GrahamComm has designed a course which improves not only direct presentation skills but also group meetings, interactive presentations, phone work, and first impressions.”
- Mike Stewart, Managing Director, Global Cash Equity Trading, Merrill Lynch

This powerful interactive Presentation Skills workshop helps people become more confident and effective before groups of any size. We help participants recognize their strengths and challenges as speakers. Then, through learning, practice, video review and individual coaching, we help them develop their own speaking style that is comfortable, engaging and effective in conveying their message.

We Help Participants:

  • Conquer their fear of public speaking
  • Create and deliver powerful, engaging, persuasive presentations and sales presentations
  • Personally connect with their audience
  • Use humor and stories to keep people interested
  • Adjust their presentations to the audience and their needs
  • Incorporate variety in their delivery for maximum impact
  • Use body language to add to their message and maintain involvement
  • Effectively run Q&A sessions while managing your time
  • Master the use & timing of visual aids
  • Feel confident speaking in both professional and personal situations

“The instructional content of his presentation skills program is a remarkable collection of proven presentation skills, coupled with actionable guidance for presenters of all experience levels.”
- Gary Bridges, Director of Training, SRI International

Our Workshops Include:

  • Interactive classroom work and discussions
  • Digital videos of all practice sessions for each participant
  • Powerful and engaging exercises throughout the course
  • Private coaching for all participants
  • Workbooks and thorough written and verbal evaluations
  • Small group size for maximum individual attention
  • Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Professional Management Institute (PMI). These need to be applied for separately.

Individual Coaching & Training:
We also offer one-on-one coaching for executives who want to:

  • Work in an accelerated environment to improve their speaking skills
  • Face their fears and challenges without the worry of the presence of others
  • Focus on a specific upcoming presentation to make sure they come across as powerfully as possible
  • Master effective presentation skills & the art of public speaking quickly

These coaching sessions include skills learning, exercises, practice and videotaping of presentations and review of tapes with specific and powerful coaching of the speaker’s strengths and challenges.

“Robert's classes are always full to capacity and highly rated by employees. What he teaches can be put to work immediately in our environment, where ability to influence and succinctly articulate one's ideas is critical to success. I highly recommend Robert and his methods."
Lissa Minkin Marquez, Director HR, eBay

“Robert’s workshop clearly exceeded our expectations and was money and time well-spent. Participants and supervisors noted immediate, impressive gains made in both presentation style and speakers’ confidence, and there were very specific examples cited of these gains translating not only to public speaking forums, but also in intra-office communication.”
Steve Disenhof, Partner, Litman/Gregory Asset Management

“Robert Graham's training was outstanding. With his help, I was able to prepare and present my best presentation - ever. He helped me manage my nerves and focus on my delivery and goals.  Robert's insights, instruction and encouragement were right on target.”
Sharon Miller, CEO, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

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